We are all inspired at different times by different things.  Sometimes inspiration finds us, and sometimes we seek it out.  But however it occurs, inspiration is one of the driving forces in one's life.  Here's a story about what has inspired me.  

Just over a year ago I finally grew tired of the sparsely decorated walls that held in my bedroom.  I also grew tired of procrastinating in hanging my artwork.  Aside from my own artwork that had been sitting in boxes since my move from Connecticut 7 years ago, I also had two pieces of artwork that I absolutely love.  One gallery wrapped canvas that was purchased for me by my parents and one poster print that I had custome framed.   Both by the same Artist, Phil Lewis ( and both of bright, vibrant and inspiring colors.  I have always loved to see these bold bright prints anytime I visit the Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery in Boulder, CO (  And for far too long I had two of my own sitting un-viewed.

I finally drew up the motivation to dig out a ladder and put this artwork where it rightfully belonged, on my wall to be viewed, not packaged up underneath a bed.  And since that day my life has changed.  My love of artwork is no longer a hobby, its my passion and my life.  I went to bed that night feeling amazing.  I awoke the next day with excitement, of what other artwork I could hang, and what other artwork I could create.  Instead of a few black and white drawings that previously decorated my walls, I had inspiration.  An inspiration that is undeniable every day of my life.  And since that day I have had no choice but to make creating artwork my life, and I've never been happier.  By the start of August I had created a digital art studio at my desk, had a permanent craft table set up in my bedroom and had enrolled in Community College to attend a Jewelry Class.  By the end of August I had made the unbelievable decision to return to College full time and I have never looked back.  To think that just one year ago... I was stuck in life, unsure of any options I had to escape.  Now the options are endless and my excitement for the future is palpable.