Lindsay Rae Moore

Lindsay Moore recently earned her BFA in Sculpture at the Herberger Institute For Design And The Arts at Arizona State University.  She previously graduated from Truckee Meadows Community College with an Associates Degree in Fine Arts, and has also pursued non-accredited education in Silversmithing, Gas Welding and Painting. Her artistic interests include bright colorful designs that often utilize flowers or geometric patterns.  She has recently been experimenting with mediums and working to include technology in her sculptures. 


Artist's Statement

Through the use of color and theme I am working to explore the ideas of femininity and domesticity as they fit into art.  I seek inspiration from the past and have always had an interest in decoration and ornamentation in art.  I enjoy intricate patterns and designs and appreciate their importance in art and life today, as well as throughout history.  By utilizing bright colors and a variety of mediums I am working to evolve my interest in patterns and floral decoration.  I combine traditional crafts with updated materials and processes to create modern, playful and cheer invoking artwork that pays homage to historical themes of pattern and decoration.  I tend to focus on the ideas of femininity and domesticity and how they may or may not fit into the world of art.  By working with domestic materials and ideas, as well as embracing craft I look to draw attention to the role of women and craft in art today and throughout history.